SAN Enterprises is a trading company that specializes in general trading of bulk agricultural commodities, other general commodities and textile. We are constantly enthusiastic to develop new trading partners and to continue valued associations with International trade markets.

Globally trade product markets are in constant change. We have comprehensive strength to both sell and purchase wide variety of agricultural and textile export and import via having liaison globally. We keep updated our clients and building business that our clients continued trust and support on us.

Our experts are experienced in sourcing products at competitive rates. Coordination is our backbone. Our logistics experts handle shipments up to the mark.

Our experience

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier in providing products FMCG market.
We will achieve our vision through:

• Providing our clients competitive and premium quality products and services.
• Strengthening the acceptability of our commodities with clients and consultants.
• Seeking growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships.
• Continuous improvement of business process.

Our Products

Some of our products are:

  • Rice
  • Jute Sacks and other Jute Products
  • Home Textile
  • Men and Women Clothing


Home Textile

Jute Sacks and other Jute Products